Posted on Apr 10 2020

Trevor Dickens (Saxophone, Flute, Bass & Lead guitar)
With Joanne, collaboration is a creative experience which allows me to express and integrate my melodic interpretations of her track. The process is always brought together through communicating our ideas and then putting them into practice. It is great to be able to listen to her music and work out what I think could be the style & mood required. I like the way Joanne is always wanting to do things differently with a cover for instance and her original work is very expressive, which suits my musical directions. Overall from playing together live jamming and recording songs with Joanne, our musical association has always been a pleasure.

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Tom Grimmitt (Ghost Drones)
I linked up with Joanne through EMOM, taking up the chance to remix Inner Void. Loved working with her vocals and we have followed on with several tunes that we have co written. These will be featured on a forthcoming mini album ‘Tomorrow’. Joanne has written some fantastic melodies over my productions and it’s been a really rewarding project.

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Charles Howell (AKA Psyclonic)
Great to be working with Jo again after many years since our first collaboration, when she provided the amazing vocals for my song ‘Curvature’ back in 2006. When she asked if I’d like to contribute a remix of her track ‘Inner Void’, I was more than happy to return the favour. Jo has a very powerful and distinctive voice, and I hope this remix allows that to shine through, whilst providing an alternative flavour to the tune.

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Samuel Rathjen (AKA Angel Cake)

Connected with Jo through the EMOM movement (Electronic Music Open MIC). I offered to remix a track of hers, “Inner Void”, and she obliged. In no time at all, I whipped up the track. I was very satisfied. However, Jo, pushed back a little. And… I’m very glad she did. She could sense exactly what was missing! Working with her was a pleasure.
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Mike Smith (AKA Dragonsong)

I met Jo through the Cornwall Music Forum,and she kindly let me do a remix of one of her songs. We both really enjoyed the process and more remixes followed. We seemed to work well together and enjoyed similar musical tastes. Eventually we had done enough remixes for two albums, “Synergy” and “Symbiont”. The natural next step was to do a collaboration, so I provided some music and Jo did some lyrics and vocals. Her great voice and lyrics seemed to blend well with my music. We both work well together and I am looking forward to more collaborations in the future, Thanks a lot Jo.
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Iain Meyrick (AKA Spanners)

I’ve worked with Joanne for a few years now and I love the combination of her voice,synth and guitar.
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Victor Taylor (MusicNotts)

Jo has an infectious passion and enthusiasm for her art and her music! Her natural talents, and ever growing abilities are sure to take her places. I highly recommend her as an artist, and a nice person to know.
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