Posted on Mar 21 2013

As a life-long Madonna fan I recorded my first ever acoustic home video performance strumming a cover version of Madonna’s ‘Miles Away’. Which has had 42,450 plays & fantastic feedback on my YouTube channel!

I have performed this live several times, starting in 2009 at ‘The Jacobs Ladder’ in Falmouth & in various venues around Nottingham.

Also after being vocally inspired & compared to Kosheen’s Sian Evans on a music production collaboration I wrote lyrics & sang on in Autumn 2006.
I decided to learn the Kosheen cover ‘Hungry’ on my guitar which I also performed live.

So far I have performed 6 home recorded cover songs on YouTube & 4 live at open mic nites.

After working on my Raison D’etre album I decided to record my 1st ever home video rehearsal demo performance of ‘Cause an Effect’ in 2008 doing a finger picking arpeggio style on my electro-acoustic guitar. Watching it back & seeing for myself was a great learning curve, as was getting encouraging comments on Youtube! 😉
I continue to perform & jam this track live, which in effect promotes both the co-produced album version, my vocals and lyrics, & the song.

The ‘Keep Singing’ demo song off my Interwoven album was my first ever live performance in 2009 playing out my own songs acoustically & hearing my vocals through a mixing desk, singing to an audience whilst being filmed, was all part of the process at this stage. What an amazing feeling with a round of applause, as I also handed out to my demo cd albums with my website details & a contact number.

My home video & live performance of ‘Cyber Babe’ has gone through three phases since the album version on ‘Reasons 2B’ in 2006.
First being stripped back of synths, beats & vocoders, I decided to combine the acoustic version strumming power chords on my electric guitar combining song lyrics from ‘Breathe’’ off the album with lyrics from ‘Cyber Babe’ for the home video performance.
Two live jams & recordings have been performed with this demo track – one with adding live keyboard synths, beats & bass, and another live performance jam with added pentatonic guitar riffs and melodies in 2011.

I have performed 3 songs acoustically off each album.

In May 2012, I collaborated on a music video Steadfast where I composed the piano music, I input the music notation into chordbot, which has multipass presets which were then added into cubase & layered with beats etc. The Video was then filmed around aquariums & local woodlands in Cornwall & edited using Final Cut X Software.

I’ve enjoyed the metamorphosis of producing songs & then performing them live throughout the years as an artist. How the initial ideas grow & evolve, which are then captured, making it cohesive and is influenced by the tools used, devices, instruments, mediums, people, places & experiences.