Posted on Mar 21 2013

I first started in 2001 using a scanner and Photoshop software on the computer to arrange & edit ideas from various photographs I’d taken, then adding filters & colours by digitally manipulating images into digital art collages. (See Greenman on Canvas).

A Juxtaposition occurs as my digital art is generally used for my music events & performances so my creations join the audio visual sensory experience with the soundscape, landscape & cityscape.

I’ve arranged & projected my images through Arkaos VJ software which is played/triggered recorded in time to the music.& each track is mixed into next using Acid Pro see Wave Metaphor DVD.

Since 2009 I have been drawing and painting using acrylic paints on canvas, then again combining these ideas in Photoshop. I edit, copy, paste the images, arrange them, print off the image & repaint it.

These digital, acoustic & authentic threads weave their way as backdrops of my work and are all combined with my multi-media social networking pages, as with designed CD covers & flyers. (see Broken Flowers painting).

Artwork is either printed as giclee canvases or painted straight onto canvas for exhibition and sale.

I currently have 10 paintings ready for exhibition in Summer 2013.

Inspired by nature & technology in symbiosis, which metamorphoses and transforms, combining in a modern and vibrant way.