Posted on Oct 23 2013

‘Keep Singing’ remix video by ‘Dragonsong’

I am pleased to announce that Mike ‘DragonSong’ has remixed ‘Keep Singing’, a track I wrote & performed in Nottingham 2009, taken from The best of ‘Extracted Passions’ album.

I was asked by Mike who also does Music & video production, if he could do a video for the ‘Keep Singing’ remix.

I emailed 2 of my images which are also featured:

* A mixed media painting of ‘Open Door Stance’
* My latest Piece ‘Lyrical Mashup’

“The video Art is absolutely beautiful, He’s really captured my journey as a Singer Performer & artist, Poetic, abstract dimensions.
It suits the mood perfectly, the imagery & music really tells the story.
Another fantastic collaboration.