Posted on Jul 14 2014

Artworks featured in my rehearsal & live videos 05 – Current

Live Demo Performances & Exhibits:

‘Drama ’Raison D’etre album Summer 05 ‘Mermaid in the sky’ & GreenMan Digital Art on Canvas

Rehearsals of my Demo songs:

‘Trend – Raison D’etre album Spring 08 Features:‘Apok’- Digital Art Canvas

‘Cause an Effect’- Raison D’etre album Summer 08 Features: ‘Dolphins’- Digital Art

‘Keep Singing’ – Interwoven’ album Autumn 09 Features:‘Ocean Calls’- Digit Art canvas

‘Cyberbabe Breathe’ Reasons 2B album, Summer 010 Features: ‘Apok & ‘Dolphins

‘Wishin’ – Interwoven’album Summer 010 Features: ‘Bella’ Painting

‘Lowkey 2Extracted Passions album Autumn 012 Features:‘Broken Flowers’Monochrome

‘Go Steady’ Extracted Passions album  Spring 013 Features: ‘Enchanting Eden’ ‘Less is more’

‘Phantasy’ Extracted Passions album Summer 013 Features: ‘Bella’ & ‘Fallen leaves’

‘Fad/Rein’ Treasure box EP Autumn 013 Features: Magical Mount’ & ‘Seahorse

‘Gentle Persuasion’ Raison D’etre album Autumn 013 Features:‘Seahorse‘Less is more

‘Pen to Pages’ Treasure box EP NY 2014 Features: ‘Lyrical MashupOpen Doors

Rose, In2minds, OpulaX3DA & X4 Paintings BF & Monochrome Paintings

‘Fad/Rein’ on KB Treasure box EP Spring 2014 Features:Less is more  GreenMan &‘Mermaid in the sky’ Build it up Digital Art on Canvas

‘Phantasy’ Acoustic Extracted Passions  album Summer 2013 Features: Notes on Pages, Fallen leaves’

Cover song – Home rehearsals:

‘Miles Away’ Summer 08 GreenMan Digital Art on Canvas

‘Hungry’ Summer 08‘GreenMan’Digital Art on Canvas

‘Love Profusion’ Valentines 010 ‘Apok’ Digital Art on Canvas

‘Revenge’ Spring 010 ‘Apok’ Digital Art on Canvas

‘Holding back the years’ Spring 012Less is More’ Painting on Canvas

‘Let me be your Fantasy’ Spring 013 Pink Kiss ‘Fallen leaves’ ‘Temperate’ Paintings

Collaborations remix videos:

‘Keep Singing’ Dragonsong remix Autumn 2013 Features: ‘Open DoorStance’ & ‘Lyrical Mashup