Posted on Jul 20 2014

Over the past five years, I have now sung & performed 12 of my songs live around Nottingham & Cornwall , which have all been filmed & documented.
These Demo songs feature on my YouTube channel & each originate from 4 of my albums:
The Musical styles & structure are reworked, which capture some acoustic versions, live collaborations, lyrical mashups, & keyboard with various backing tracks.

♫ “The lyrics evolve as the song is sung” ♫

Albums: Raison D’etre’ – Reasons 2B’ – Interwoven – Extracted Passions (Best of compilation)

Songs I perform live are:

  • Drama ‘Raison D’etre’ album – with backing track
  • Cause an effect ‘Raison D’etre’ album
  • Keep Singing ‘Interwoven album’
  • CyberBabe Breathe ‘Extracted Passions’ album
  • Wishin (Ocean calls) ‘Interwoven’ album
  • Go Steady “Extracted Passions” album
  • Phantasy 2 ‘Extracted Passions’ album
  • Fad Reincarnation ‘Treasure Box’ album
  • Gentle Persuasion Raison D’etre album
  • Lowkey 2 ‘Extracted Passions’ album – with backing track
  • Pen to Pages ‘Treasure Box’ album – with backing track
  • Cyberbabe ‘Reasons 2B’ album