Posted on Aug 15 2014

Facebook Event

About the artist

Joanne O’Dowd is a Nottingham based artist & musician, previously known for her digitally manipulated photographic artworks & electronic music.

Her creations now focus on electro-acoustic live music & acrylic paintings that range in theme from abstract flowers, geometric landscapes and landmarks.

Jo has exhibited & sold at various galleries in Cornwall and performed at several Nottingham venues.

Opening Event

September 21st 1:30pm – 4pm

Live Acoustic music performance of songs from her latest album ‘Extracted Passions’ which can be heard at this event 3pm – 3.45.

Artwork will be on display for 2 weeks.

I’m really looking forward to exhibiting my paintings & digital artworks,  at The Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham. 
It is a vibrant, lively space with two floors, for artists & musicians to showcase their work.