Posted on Jan 3 2021

My songs featured on various Podcasts, Playlists, Compilations, Streams & Radio Play.

December 2020 – ‘Spectrum’ remix by Ghost Drones from the album ‘Tomorrow’
Played on ‘The Listening sessions’ See/hear Video stream.

December 2020 – ‘Endless Days’ by Ghost Drones Featuring Joanne O’Dowd from the album ‘Tomorrow’
Played on The ‘Home-Brew Electronica’ show sessions Podcast. Hear on Spotify.

May 2020 – My track ‘Lip Sync’ from ‘The Journey’ album & ‘Inner Void’ remix by Ghost Drones, from the album ‘Inner Void remixes’
Played on the ‘Home-Brew Electronica’ Podcast. Hear on Spotify.

March 2020 – My track ‘Future is Now’ from the ‘Treasure Box’ album
Features on ‘The Nottingham Electronic Music open Mic’ (EMOM) Live Sessions YouTube Playlist.

January 2019 – My track ‘Monochrome’ from the ‘EZPZ’ album Featured on the ‘You might not like this’ Compilation album.
Featured on YMNLT Vol. 14. Hear on BandCamp.

October 2018 – My song ‘Future is Now’ from the album ‘Treasure Box’ & my Cover of ‘System Addict’ From the ‘Cover your tracks album 
Both Feature on ‘The ‘Electronic Music Open Mic’ (EMOM) Podcast. As heard on Spotify.

Feb 2018 – My song ‘Cyberbabe Breathe’ from the album ‘Extracted passions’ featured on the ‘Readers Tracks’ Compilation Playlist,
Through Notts Music Network. As heard on Spotify.