Posted on Oct 6 2019

See my live covers playlist

I have previously performed songs from my albums and covers, live with other musicians at local Jam/open mic nights, such as The Doghouse in Carlton & The Plainsman in Mapperley. 

I am also available for bookings for Fashion show events.

My half hour set features Covers & Originals (Acoustic + Electronica): 

  • Lady Luck (Treasure Box )
  • I wasn’t ready for this (Treasure Box) 
  • Electrified Me (Treasure Box)
  • Kylie Can’t get you out of my head (Cover / Cover Your Tracks 2)
  • Madonna Borderline (Cover / Cover your Tracks) 
  • Madonna Miles Away (Cover / Cover your Tracks)
  • Baby D Let me be your fantasy (Cover / Cover your Tracks)
  • Fad/Reincarnation (Treasure Box)
  • Favourite Star (Interwoven)
  • Go Steady (Best of Extracted Passions)
  • Cyberbabe Breathe (Best of Extracted Passions)
  • Lowkey (Interwoven)
  • Keep Singing (Interwoven)
  • Trend (Raison D’etre)
  • Cause an Effect (Raison D’etre)

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