Posted on Sep 25 2022

New 2022 re-imagined music video art version of my song, originally called “Mary’s Guitar” now remade as “Mermaid in the Sky” using advanced visual FX and video editing.

Inspired by Earth goddess archetypes such as Mermaids, Sirens & Fairies, which over the years I have used as my muses for my artworks such as “Mermaid in the Sky” & music productions “Sirens” and “Mary’s Guitar”.

After moving back to live near the ocean recently & working in my studio I replayed lyrics from my original song “Mary’s guitar” on my piano keyboard & re-sang them to become this new music production recorded as ‘Mermaid in the Sky’. This title is more appropriate for the song, as it no longer uses the same guitar sound and now has an extended middle eight instrumental section.