Posted on Apr 19 2021

Two album releases april 2021

I worked on another 2 albums during the 2020/2021 pandemic lockdowns, ‘Tomorrow’ & ‘Cover your tracks 2’.


The lockdown pandemic period prompted us to reachout online for musicians to collaborate with, meeting virtually through the EMOM movement.

The Tomorrow album took 1 year to create & was a fantastic dynamic of co-writing lyrics on several songs Tom ‘Ghost Drones’ sent me, & adding my synth & guitar melodies to work with on various tracks for the album

Cover your tracks 2

Alongside this I chose to recreate the cover songs I’d previously performed over the years live and in my studio.

For all those who enjoyed my first cover your tracks album hear more revamped classics in eclectic musical dance & acoustic styles created as fun unique modern interpretations.

Hear more of our dance mix versions featured on this album.