Burning Bridges

Burning BridgesThe nights are long the winter is so bleak
I lay in only once a week, fall down at your feet
Growing apart at the very seams
Breaking away, just another day
For Perfect dreams..
Which way? She sings
Drop shadow inner glow
A dream never dies a lover never lies
Oh how, we tried
Swing & sway, take it away
No dream too small this sight & sound
In awe of what’s around
The work goes on, the cause endures,
The hope still lives and the dreams are yours,
With better things in mind
Will surely come your way..

Writers Block

Writers BlockWriters Block right from the start
Hopes & fears hold back the tears
Pen breaks falling apart
Your Spoken word, awoke in me
From A 2 B cause it ain’t easy
Notes on pages, put through their Paces
I tell it to my Diary
Song Lyrics (Lady Luck) ‘Treasure box’ album

In the zone

Channel the energy in the mode
A remedy from demo to album upload
Takes me where i want to go
Upgrade to make your logic flow

Digit dancers move in slow
Hardwired quotes audio

Quid pro quo, standing on a plateau
Stating events to follow

Disposition take control
In the mix, studio, downloads
Through the windows of your soul
How light & dark your contrast shows
Live for the moment, juxtapose


Go steady i’m ready the shores that we knew
I’m stealing a moment or two with you
These heavenly treasures, unbreakable
their crashing unfolding, unchangeable
Like nature so patient no need to rehearse
For she will repeat it in reverse.

Steadfast state of mind, tell me what you find
Dream like state of mind you’re so crystallized
Reaching for the skylite making it so finite
Precious far & few, they come between us now

Everyday it takes a little longer what can I say.
making me appear a little stronger in every way

Go steady I’m ready & know what it’s worth
like nature she’s patient your nurture rebirth.
Song Lyrics (Go Steady) ‘Extracted Passions’ album

Low Key

Red Gold & Green, make me serene
illuminate your beauty queen
This fascinations lingering
Textures i’ll be measuring
Mixing matching, onward bound
Electric lights are all around
This sweet illusion beckons me
The pieces are contemporary
Expressionless like all the rest
I’m picturing your sweet caress
not broken down, without a sound
I re-design this battle ground.
Play legato overides
Arrange a clone set to the tone
Temperate, first hot then cold
Clone me own me melody.
Song lyrics written by Jo ‘Interwoven’ album

1,2 in-sync

Extracted passions
Permitted fashions
Movie runs the soundtrack
Hitting on the “what’s next?”

Voices over re-set
Appealing to the subject
Acknowledging the respect
Studying the concept

Formulaic context, of a
Fundamental progress
Continuous & flexible to you
Receiving 1,2
The Birds keep singing
Yet are we winning
Easing melody is on our mind
Taking us through, too much to do
Why we must try & try
Can I get a witness begging for forgiveness
She’s on the other side
Walk in numbers
Stand in line
These are changing times
Solo impression to suit obsession
Asynchronous yours to mine
Song lyrics – (keep singing) ‘Lust4luv – interwoven’ Album.

Cyber Babe

Software hardware
Out there tear
Download upload
Time to share
Numbers faster
Input go!
Edit translate
Beat too slow
Mainframe braindrain
Overload, online install
Connecting code:
My work your words
In space we grow
Cyberbabes n Geeks
Compete info
Shutdown server, slaves, data
Crashing machine. crashing machines
Song Lyrics – (Cyber Babe) ‘Rhapsodyze – Reasons 2B’ Album.

To Find our Light

Core of the workWe travel our path
Every day and night
Hoping, Striving
To find our light
Heaven, so fly it.
Spoken word poetry over ‘Lust4luv – First Luv’ Album. 

Temperance (Elegy)

temperate-remembranceYou are now the sun, moon & stars, written on the sky
In every blade of grass, on every living tree
The precious times we knew, now I’m into blue
Ocean tides when I cry, clouds that float on by
Bluebells they glisten, blackbird has spoken
Eternal sunrise, rainbow ties,
Sing me when I need it, rock me therapeutic
Wholesome souls, we feel at home
Your spirit’s here with me,today & forever more,
and I pray for you..


Stances dancers, Midnight pranksters
Stilts and jilts its own free will
Movement Motion a locomotion
Twisting turning, Im yearning
Finding crying, keep on trying
Demonic Subsonic, make it electronic
Jack me in your Vibraphonic,
The sound waves I demonstrate
Won’t hesitate a replicate.
Song Lyrics – (Breathe) ‘Rhapsodyze – Reasons 2B’ Album.

Inside-Out Girl

Inside-Out-GirlYou’re an inside-out girl
So unexposed she makes it happen.
Turning heads likes the camera action
Testing all how you need their reaction
When everything else just sparks off distraction
She’ll focus her mind for some satisfaction
Now it’s real, the layers of yourself you peel
No limitations not faking
As she puts it on, takes it off
Her standards, your pleasures
revealing all to a world
can at times be misunderstood.
Can’t push it down this need
Won’t give it up, its here
she finds her reason in the vibration.
Paint it red and love the colours
Living the life of a inside-out girl.

Poetry By Joanne O’Dowd 2002
Song lyrics – (Inside-out Girl) ‘Lust4Luv – Raison D’etre’ Album.

My delight

Eyes you be wise
Mind to slow down
Hands hold tight
Body let it be
Spirits here with me
Heart beats openly
for today, give thanks to freedom
let it go to much you know
Our major success will let it flow. .
Song lyrics (Gentle persuasion) ‘Lust4luv – Raison D’etre’ Album.


Strength to see, and to be
Willow wood to the forest I flee
Trees are strong this resilience I need
catch my breath this is what I believe
Taking it in capturing the elements,
Nature she sings the footsteps I follow
Bluebells glisten, basking nor hollow.


She knows my thoughts
her love pours.
This Angels heart
the beat pounds
Spreading the sounds
One by one
She carries the vibes
its our time
Open up you know you can, its
like dancing with the fairies in wonderland.
Song Lyrics – (Ocean Calls) ‘Lust4Luv – Wave Metaphor’ Album.

Smash & Grab

Crash bang welcome to sin city
Here all your dreams and desires will be answered for.
We have the speed and access for all your nifty nonsense
What is your preference?
You can create here that’s fine
It can be real in your mind
Know Time is a healer, money buys time
You ask yourself what is the essence of life!
Do you need more wine
Is it bitter or sublime,
Is it not enough a balance to try,
When you need to draw the line
for a way to stay alive?
Without Fear its Undiluted, no pollution, spreading to the sky!
Song Lyrics – (Voice) ‘Lust4Luv – Wave Metaphor’ Album.


He came to me in the night
we were walking.
Open sky – it was warming
My darling under the stars falling
Your magic charm
I’ll take it back to the start.
Song Lyrics (Bluebird) – ‘Lust4Luv – Wave Metaphor’ Album.

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