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Mike Smith (AKA Dragonsong)

I met Jo through the Cornwall Music Forum,and she kindly let me do a remix of one of her songs. We both really enjoyed the process and more remixes followed. We seemed to work well together and enjoyed similar musical tastes. Eventually we had done enough remixes for two albums, “Synergy” and “Symbiont”. The natural next step was to do a collaboration, so I provided some music and Jo did some lyrics and vocals. Her great voice and lyrics seemed to blend well with my music. These tracks can be heard on my album “A Question of balance”. We both work well together and I am looking forward to more collaborations in the future, Thanks a lot Jo.


Iain Meyrick (AKA Spanners)

I’ve worked with Joanne for a few years now and I love the combination of her voice,synth and guitar.


Victor Taylor (MusicNotts)

Jo has an infectious passion and enthusiasm for her art and her music! Her natural talents, and ever growing abilities are sure to take her places. I highly recommend her as an artist, and a nice person to know.

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