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LUST4LUV Remixes & Collaborations 2006 - 2011Alongside promoting my music productions through online social networks such as MySpace. YouTube, Facebook, the LUST4LUV website and this site, I have been contacted by various music producers & DJ’s wanting to remix my songs & vocals, originally written & performed, from my albums ‘Extracted Passions’ ‘Interwoven’ & ‘Raison D’etre’, or have me write lyrics and sing over their tracks, we exchange the WAV files of the track & Vocals by email. When completed, they are promoted through page profiles, social networks & websites. Also while performing my demo tracks live (sometimes electronica, and/or acoustic) at open mic nights I do live jam recordings & collaborations around my songs.

Here are a collection of various remixes and cyber collaborations done locally or internationally via online social networks in CyberSpace since 2006

Digital Angel – The Last Trap
This track was sent for me to sing on. It has a dark & moody feel with backing vocals ‘Never never mind please be kind’ I wrote lyrics that meant something to do with the title ‘The last trap, by singing & harmonising with the existing vocals in the mix, which continue telling the story.

Sign 13 – No Harm (LUST4LUV “No Harmony” Remix)
Dren suggested we remix each others tracks, so he emailed me the wav parts beats & bassline. We sent him our cyberbabe track parts, but his remix was never completed.

We added & played melody with arpeggio Fx new beats & bassline, around our new remixed version. I then wrote lyrics, and recorded my singing.

LUST4LUV – Fad (UnleadedLogic Limelight & Sonic Frequency Remixes)
My original vocals, guitar & production of this track was heard by Mike who remixed 2 versions, using my vocals with his added dancey synths & beat..

Psyclonic – Curvature
I heard this mix on myspace & loved it. The instrumental track name ‘Curvature’ inspired my lyric writing about the planetary alignments of the moon stars & the cosmos, and I recorded my singing to send to him for production. Read the Future Music Magazine Review of this collaboration.

Collaboration with guitarist named Adam who played this cover of the Ella Fitzgerald cover.
I recorded both his playing & my vocals during a jam.

LUST4LUV – Left, Right & Centre (PinkLogik LRC Remix)
This track was originally written as JoPiano in 1996 on my first keyboard a Yamaha CS1x. I re-recorded it in 2007 adding a melody on my electric guitar, my singing, our beat & basslines. The track was heard online by Jules which she then remixed, keeping it chilled with synth fx.

Kinky Movement – Do it Again
This upbeat track was emailed to me, I sang & recorded lyrics adding autotune fx to my vocals, explaining my love of dance music & life experiences.

LUST4LUV – Keep Singing & Cyberbabe
I was contacted by AudioLab, a music collective, who heard my songs & videos online.
I was recorded jamming my songs with other musicians in their studio.

LUST4LUV – Favourite Star (UnleadedLogic Remix)
My original vocals, guitar & production of this track was heard by Mike who remixed, kept my vocals & Guitar stems, added his 80’s dancey synths basslines & beats.

Joanne O’Dowd – Go Steady (Dragonsong vocal & dance remix)
I was contacted via my Cornwall Music Forum profile by producer Mike Smith, who offered to make 2 remixes of my track Go Steady. The vocal remix kept my original song structure in a a pop rock  style, with mikes backing vocals, which all compliment my vocals in a soulful way. While the dance remix chopped and looped my vocals, into dancey, trancey vibe, loving the outcome beat & bassline.

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