Joanne O'Dowd

Joanne O’Dowd

I was born in Nottingham in 1971 & have always had a keen interest in the Arts & Music.

I began producing electronic house music in 1996 as part of a duo named LUST4LUV. After gaining a sound engineering diploma in 1999, I moved to Cornwall to perform at the Total Solar Eclipse Lizard Music Festival.

My singing began initially as spoken vocals of my poetry, and my song writing & singing abilities developed alongside teaching myself guitar in 2004. The acoustic melodies combined with my electronic roots, lead to the creation of several electro-acoustic LUST4LUV albums. I released my electronica solo synthesizer productions as RHAPSODYZE.

I now regularly perform in venues around Nottingham & Cornwall, playing acoustic guitar & singing my own songs as well as cover versions.

Alongside my musical creations, in 2001 my creative wanderlust also progressed into digitally manipulating photographs & scanned images into digital art collages, which were then professionally printed as giclee canvases for exhibition and sale.

In 2009, I began drawing and painting using acrylic paints on canvas – as with my music, you will find that my art is inspired by nature & technology in symbiosis.

I especially enjoy combining all of my creative passions into multi-media projections during my live performances & artwork exhibitions.

Music & Art Branding

My duo music album projects were released under the branding LUST4LUV,

and for my solo music album I used the Rhapsodyze moniker,

Previously I published my Art using the intrik8 brand.

Since 2012 I decided to place everything under my own name, on this new website to feature the best of my Art, Music, Lyrics, Poetry, Photography & Paintings.



Large size acrylic on canvas paintings. Composed Orchestral Piano Music, with accompanying music video


Selling my Artwork prints as retail merchandise


Live Performances throughout Nottingham & Cornwall


Creating several music albums available to buy through CDBaby & iTunes, remix projects & vocal collaborations, vocal reviews in The Future music magazine, album cover art design


Promotional branding of social network music pages, designing flyers for a community project “The Visionary Art of Sound”.



‘Treasure Box‘ album release Live Performances.


Nottingham Chameleon Arts Cafe
Art Exhibition & Music Performance
Displaying Paintings, Digital artworks & Live Music performances from
The ‘Extracted Passions’ album.

Marazion Goldolphin Arms Gig Bar Gallery
Magical Mount painting exhibition


Truro Lander Gallery
Various Digital Artwork on display
Falmouth Arts Centre
Photo-Strata Art Exhibition
Various Digital Artwork on display
Penzance Arts Club
Art/Music Exhibition
Opening Night Multimedia Performance & Art exhibited. First ever live vocal performance of ‘Drama’
from the ‘Raison D’etre’ album
Newquay TallTrees Club
100% Homegrown night
Booked for our VJ projections artwork of 3D animated intrik8 artwork visualisations alongside other local DJs & musicians


Cy9er Cafe Penzance Cornwall
Multimedia performance combining VJ projections, displayed artwork & lust4luv music from The ‘Wave Metaphor’ album.